Self Love Series #bodypositiviDDD

Over the past few years, Tri Deltas across the nation have promoted a healthy, positive body image through Tri Delta's BodyImage3D program. Through activities and conversations, BodyImage3D focuses on encouraging a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy spirit in all of its members by tackling growing issues, such as eating disorders and depression.

In our chapter, members engage in activities throughout the year to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. Each spring, new members come together in groups to discuss the role of body image in the college environment and the way that we can advocate for a positive body image with in our chapter, our family, and our friends. In the fall, all of our members take BodyImage3D campus-wide during a week-long Self Love Series, when we encourage all sisters and girls all over campus to remember how beautiful they are in their own skin!

If you have any questions regarding our 3D body image program, reflections, or the Self Love Series, please contact our Health and Wellness Chair, Jenna Lawrence.